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Important notices


Important notices

Regulation in force related to consumption and/or traffick of drugs in the United Arab Emirates

The import, consumption, production and possession of drugs (cannabis, hashish, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, etc.) is forbidden and severely punished even if small amounts are involved.

Anyone who needs to take medicines which contain the above-mentioned substances has to carry a medical certificate which justify that their import in the UAE is for therapeutic reasons and that their quantities are proportioned to the prescription. These regulations are strictly applied when transiting through the Country too.

The legal provisions for consumption and possession of drugs is strictly applied, regardless of the quantity held. They consist in the detention from four to ten years, up to a maximum of fifteen years (in case of aggravating circumstances and recidivism) and, in the worst case, the capital punishment (due to drugs trafficking). Anyone who gets information about these kinds of crimes and doesn’t go through the right Authorities could be charged with complicity. The civic-minded would be locally furthered with a 200.000 Dirhams premium (about 40.000 Euros).

Import and consumption of electronic cigarettes, and their refill liquid, is also forbidden. 


Alcohol consumption in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only to non-Muslims who have reached 18 years of age (some establishments provide  a minimum 21 years old), only in certain areas, such as bars, hotels and restaurants provided with the appropriate license.

In driving there is zero tolerance. Driving after consuming even a small amount of alcohol is a crime that carries a sentence of up to 30 days in jail.

In case of accidents, regardless of the fact that who had assumed alcohol is the driver or the passenger, it is provided the arrest of the person in a state of alteration.

It happened sometimes that taxi drivers have noticed passengers under the influence of alcohol and have led them to the nearest police station.

Being visibly under the influence of alcohol is a crime punishable even if you are performing an airport transit.

When in doubt, we recommend to take always a behavior of prudence and sobriety.

Citizens residing in the UAE must acquire a license, which can be ordered online at . To obtain a license you must be 21 years old.


Guidelines for the introduction of medicines in the UAE

Before travelling to UAE, you are kindly advised to check the information on the following websites:

Ministry of Health

UAE Government website